Core capital markets platform for banks

The 5 elements of the Core

Dealing Room & Operations

Comprehensive order management, dealing room, middle office and operation elements

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Compliance & Risk Managment

Real time pre and post trade risk management and compliance functionality supporting Basel III regulatory framework for banks

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Trading Channels

Multitude of trading channels to serve all types of clients, from retail to professional traders and institutions

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The Core connects to Sell-side brokers through its well-established FIX network connecting leading global sell-side brokers

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Core Banking Multi Adaptor

The Core, utilizing the multi core banking adaptor element, is designed from inception to work with superior integration alongside core and legacy banking systems

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Support banks of any structure

Our Core capital markets cloud-based solution will adapt to your bank size, organization structure and global growth


Prepare your bank capital markets services to your future global expansion, business growth and next generation advances in the capital markets

1 + 1 = 3

Tightly couple your core banking and our Core capital markets platform and achieve an orchestrated offering

Our Core capital markets platform is about to be deployed to a new proprietary cloud, and offer banks globally, a cloud-based platform and SaaS pricing model

  • Ease of implementation
  • Costs reduction
  • SaaS

Upon a bank's decision to expand to a new region or client segment, open a new center of activity or purchase another bank to its banking group, a simple cloud-based core configuration will support the bank’s new structure and profile of activity

Increase capital markets activities profitability by approaching new clients' segments, offering them specialized trading channels, for retail, institutional, algo-traders, portfolio managers and active traders

The Core is an autonomous platform unit. Its elements are synchronized, centrally managed and monitored. Data integrity is guaranteed, all trading channels stream into the operation element, which is subject to centralized process flow and supervision, all lead to significant reduction of operational risks

Our Totality

Banks of any size and structure

Our Core may facilitate small, mid-size and large banks and can be configured as a single core for a simple bank structure or as a multi-core for a complex banks group organization structure


Our upcoming deployment of will enable cloud-based usage of our capital markets Cores, providing geographically global solutions for banks which are already or plan to grow globally

Trading channels

The Core provide banks a variety of trading channels to cover all aspects of client’s demand. Covering retails web and mobile channels, high-end institutional and professional trader channel, branch network channel and adaptors for 3rd parties' channels

Capital markets instruments

The Core supports both traditional capital markets instruments such as equites, options, futures, funds, and fixed-income as well as newly introduced regulated cryptocurrencies which are subject to the core operation, compliance and risk management elements

Client profiles

Banking clients which use our Core will be able to provide capital markets services to a spectrum of client profiles, including retail, institutions, professional traders, algo traders and portfolio managers

Sell-side broker connectivity

The Core connects to a broad array of top tier sell side brokers globally, enabling our banking clients to utilize trading and clearing services from best-of-breed sell side brokers in order to optimize their profitability and risk

Our Totality
  • 28 years of experience
  • 1 Core
  • 1 cloud
  • 5 elements
  • Multi cores
  • possibilities

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