Developer and provider of cutting edge Core Capital Markets Platform for banks

Since 1991, our focus has been on building best of breed core platforms specifically designed for banks

Our Mission

Since inception, we have focused our efforts and attention on providing “best of breed” capital markets solutions specifically designed for banks

Banks are at the core of our interest. We strive to provide a comprehensive platform that addresses all their capital markets activity needs, as well as providing a competitive edge, keeping them ahead of the curve and facilitating business growth

Our Expertise

  • Technology

    Enterprise level, state of the art, reliable, secure, scalable and robust, designed and built for banks of all sizes and client profiles

  • Capital Markets

    We thoroughly understand the nuts and bolts tied to capital markets activity of a bank, from technology to practices and trends

  • Business Solutions

    Our Core expertise enables us to offer our clients technology-based business solutions, that solve real-world situations and support our client’s growth

Our Clients

We are proud to have, as long standing clients, all the major banks in Israel alongside our network of the world’s largest and leading international sell-side brokers.

We are now in the process of expanding our clientele globally utilizing our cloud-based technology into new regions and verticals.

Since 1993, Ivory provides us superb Core capital markets technology, focused on our unique needs and requirements as a bank. We view Ivory as a valuable partner rather than a simple technology vendor as they are always there for us Daniel Dotan Head of technology division

Ivory’s ability to entangle their Core technology and capital markets expertise is an exceptional asset to the bank, which is using Ivory’s core capital market platform since 2001. It seems they always push their platform to stand at the forefront of capital markets technology which greatly serves us as a bank looking for business expansion Osnat Russo Application division

Ivory has been a prominent vendor for Bank Leumi since 2001, providing effective and reliable Core technology platform for our capital markets activity. Their quality technology and deep knowledge of our business was fundamental to our ongoing activities as well as instrumental for our business development initiatives Daniel Rapoport Head of Global Sales

More of our loyal clients

The Team

  • Guy Zahavi

    Guy Zahavi

    Senior Executive Officer

  • Ido Merfeld

    Ido Merfeld

    Co-founder & Chairman

  • Avi Tubi

    Avi Tubi

    Co-founder & Director

  • Shy Barkaee

    Shy Barkaee

    Chief Technology Officer