Broker center

Broker Center is The Product of Choice Among Global Sell Side Securities Firms

Broker Center is our advanced proprietary trading matrix that provides electronic FIX connectivity to sell side securities firms around the globe. 

Participants connect to the Broker Center trading network via TNS’ private global extranet used by major leading buy sides and sell side brokers in the U.S. and Europe to securely transport encrypted FIX trading messages.

Responsible for all communications and session management, the Broker Center provides uniform order message communication between numerous sell side and buy side participants.

Our Broker Center solution has been designed to connect the internal applications of a financial institution to its external partners via the global standard Financial Information Exchange ("FIX") protocol transparently. We support all major versions of FIX, as well as CMS.


Regional DMA
Using its infrastructure and Fix gateways, Ivory has established DMA connectivity to new markets such as Israel (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) and Turkey (Istanbul Stock Exchange) enabling order routing from buy side partners around the world that are connected to the Ivory Broker Center to the local exchanges members.


Fix connectivity
Ivory Fix Gateway supports Fix versions 4.0 to 4.4. Our Fix Gateway allows order routing for all Equities markets (US, Europe, Asia) as well as for Options and Futures. We use standard Fix protocol with no special requirements. We handle FIX connections with various brokers for brokerage in US, Europe and Asia. 
We connect to the brokers via TNS.