KapiCore.cloud is a new global cloud, offering banks of any size and location, access into our cloud-ready, Core Capital Markets platform Launching soon – Stay tuned!

Enjoy SaaS efficient pricing model

placeholder Enjoy SaaS efficient pricing model

Upon KapiCore.cloud launch we will offer an attractive SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing model that eliminates large license costs and correlate usage costs to levels of activity, allowing the bank to offer clients a competitive capital markets offering.

placeholder Start small, Grow big

Banks can initiate a smaller capital market activity facilitating our minimum cloud setup and pricing, then grow bigger upon activity expansion. As the Bank grows big, he can expand seamlessly the capacity and core configuration to support his geographic expansion and activity growth

placeholder Focus on expanding your business

KapiCore.cloud operates all aspects of the technology infrastructure: communication, hardware, data security Core’s software upgrades, monitoring and more, allowing the bank to focus his efforts on business expansion, reaching to more clients in more regions with new services and products

Multi-Core for global banks

KapiCore.cloud enables banks with global and diverse geographic presence to set up a Multi-Core configuration that match its unique organization structure and needs.

  • Uniform business rules
  • Aggregate reporting
  • Efficient compliance
  • Effective regional setup

Easily connect to cloud-based core banking systems

Most of the leading core banking system providers offer cloud-based solutions. KapiCore.cloud provides a cost effective, seamless, integration between our Core capital markets platform and cloud-based Core Banking systems.

  • Reduced integration costs
  • Share client’s data across cores
  • Reduce cost of multi core banking connection setup
  • Allow for a Hybrid configuration that intertwines on-premise and cloud-based core systems

Latest features are always current

Cloud based cores are upgraded transparently so that the Bank always enjoys the latest functions and features.

  • Stay ahead of the technology curve
  • Enjoy the latest advances and products in the capital markets
  • Reduce technology risk
Latest features are always current