QuickTrade Platinum

Securities Trading Solutions With A Difference

Our flagship product, QuickTrade Platinum, is a comprehensive trading platform that is installed at major trading desks. 

Our open architecture design allows QuickTrade Platinum to provide a total solution capable of handling all trading room needs capturing orders that can then be electronically routed to any FIX or CMS compliant destination.

QuickTrade Platinum Features

  • Integration within the dealing room's infrastructure to receive order flow from various entry points, including mainframe computers, call centers, branch networks and web sites.

  • A full suite of application services, including third party feeds. Open architecture allows customers to create custom features.

  • Enhanced with various compliance and risk management functionality as dictated by the compliance department.

  • Can receive various real time feeds from quote vendors for specialized real time processing and monitoring.

  • Stores commission tables for various sell side counter parties for automatic posting.

  • Databases are structured so as to be full Euro and multi currency compliant.

Order Flow Management

When integrated with the Broker Center trading matrix, QuickTrade Platinum can manage order flow and electronically direct orders in real time to your preferred broker or other routing destinations. This supports multiple sell side brokers and execution venues.

QuickTrade Platinum includes rule-based engines that allow for automatic order routing as specified by the trading room. Routing tables are enhanced with compliance and risk engine monitors to assure optimal routing based on the decisions of the trading room.

QuickTrade Platinum is fully FIX-compliant in accordance with industry standards.

Order Management System

QuickTrade Platinum's order management system ("OMS") is fully integrated into the trading room's infrastructure, as well as allowing for customizable features. This unique OMS front-end component is a valuable tool for traders to manage their order book and handle high volume order flow with full, sophisticated functionality.

Supervisor stations are provided to allow monitoring of transactions by exception as well as predefined parameters.