Scorpion Trader© is a state of the art trading platform allowing active traders to trade multi assets in the various exchanges via multi brokers.

Scorpion Trader© combines trading in Equities, Options ,Futures and Spreads around the globe – North America, Europe, Far East.

The system relies on Ivory’s Broker Center, its own Fix gateways array maintaining Fix connectivity with a large number of brokers and executing points.

The system has a comprehensive Risk Management model enabling a pre trade control and monitoring of the client overall portfolio.

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ScorpionTrader Features

  •  Trading Desk Dealer Configuration.

  •  Electronic Connectivity to Sell-Side Brokers via FIX.

  •  Access to US, European and Far East markets using set of tools including market
     watch lists, order entry screens, user defined trading macro's, Level II trading and

  •  Multiple Broker Interface.

  •  Multiple Account Support.

  •  Internet base markets covering including streaming Quotes, Level II,  composite quotes  and more.

  •  Multiple Currency Support.

  •  Multiple Language Support.

  •  Trading tools such as sophisticated algorithms and state of the art
     Charting services including real-time intraday chart, multi Stock charts, many
     financial and mathematical indicators and a rich functionality.